Under the patronage of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Ms. Katerina Sakellaropoulou

The preparations for the IB' Panionion Conference in Zakynthos are in their final phase

23-09-2023 14:24

There are already 273 participants from the Ionian islands, the greater Greek area and the international community that will all join their scientific paths in different fields , such as Language, Literature, History, Education, Sociology, Archaeology, Law, Environment, Science and Art in all their levels and expressions.

The main goal of the Conference is to point the evolutionary continuity of the heptanesian spirit and its dynamic in the modern era. Some of the subjects that will be developed are the influence of the Heptanesian literature in the development of the modern greek language, the evolution of Education from the Ionian Academy to the Ionian University, the particularity of the Heptanesian music and its contribution to the formation of greek music, the heptanesian painting and its evolution, the highlighting of the work of heptanesian scientists in the field of classical science as well as science and plus a series of subjects that have to deal with the evolution of heptanesian societies during  the centuries of their existence. 

It is the second time, after 1997, that the Ionian Conference is held in Zakynthos and coincides with the 200th anniversary of the writing of "hymn to Liberty" from our national poet, Dionysios Solomos.

The organizational committee would like to express its deepest appreciation to all the people of Zakynthos, scientists, artists, creators, bussinesmen, professionals,members of the clerk, members of the local municipality and volunteers , whom made the realizationof the Conference their own business and embraced it with their hearts in an era where the quality of life is not self-explanatory but requested with hard work and built with personal care.

The president of the Cultural Research Company&coordinator of the organizational committee

Giorgos Fiorentinos, professor of greek language

The Members

Panagiota Aktypi, Professor of English language , MSc - former school advisor in English language of Zakynthos, Cephalonia and Ithaca

Ioannis Dragonas, peer Professor of the West Attica University

Nikolaos Kakolyris, Mathematician

Aikaterini Kampasi, Professor of the Environmental Department  - Vice Dean of Academic Cases, International Relations and Extroversion at the Ionian University

Spyros Kampiotis, Publisher - Director of the newspaper IMERA

Akis Ladikos, Primary School Teacher

Alexandra Douzevits, Internationalist, MSc - Member of the special technical laboratory personnel at the Environmental Department of the Ionian University

Dionysios Pothos, Professor of English language, MSc - Headmaster of the Secondary Education

Griogrios Roumpanis, Journalist

Maria Sidirokastriti, Civil Engineer

Philippos Synetos,Journalist - President of the Council at the Public Hestorical Library in Zakynthos - President of the Cultural Society board in Zakynthos " OUGOS FOSKOLOS" 



Translation: Panagiota Aktypi | Dionyssios Pothos | Claire Sifaki