Under the patronage of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Ms. Katerina Sakellaropoulou

The Society of Zakynthian Cultural Research  ( S.Z.C.R.)  organizes the IB’ International Panionian Conference in Zakynthos, from the 18th to the 21st of October 2023.  For its organization it takes into consideration the easiness with which technology permits the interaction of the human presence and expression. The guiding principle (gnomon) is related to the diverse thematic aspect which should accompany the projection of current relevant thesis and research studies that contribute to the evolutive character and continuation of the Eptanisian Spirit.

 The S.Z.C.R. having as a mission statement of its incorporation the record keeping, the study and the active support of its tangible (monuments) and intangible (History, Art, Tradition) cultural heritage and generally speaking, the Spiritual Culture of Zakynthos is attempting organizationally through the realization of this Conference to give voice to a worthy environment of  researchers and active spiritual people. These people are expected  to depose new input with their original projects, offering added value to the scientific community and the Zakynthian society.

 Working on the value of contribution to the understanding and to the highlighting of the clarity of the scientific evolution and on the openness to the exchange of opinions and studies, the IB Panionian Conference attempts :

  • to highlight the intellectual radiation of the Ionian Region people, enriched with the possibility of inspiration and therefore
  • to disseminate the bright dynamism and vigorous quality as a heritage for the next generations.

Therefore, new researchers and scholars are invited with pleasure highlight their intellectual action and engagement in Science, History, Archaeology, Archives, Art, Environment, Health, Finance, Law, Sociology, Philology and Literature in a diverse and variable approach to the inquiries/ questions of the community.

The coexistence of the proceedings of the previous recent Panionian Conferences in digital form in this website encourages the continuity, recalls the mental load of the Ionian Region as regards the Institution and prepares the development of the continuation for the following Panionian Conferences to come.

The announcement should be an original document of eptanisian theme/character which constitutes a basic requirement according to the order of the constitution.


Translation: Panagiota Aktypi | Dionyssios Pothos | Claire Sifaki