Under the patronage of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Ms. Katerina Sakellaropoulou

The Institution of the Panionian Conference/Convention was established in 1914 with the aim to research and study the life and culture of the Ionian Islands.  The first conference took place in Corfu with the presence of the at the time King of Greece Constantine and his successor George, the prime minister of Greece Eleftherios Venizelos and at the time President of the Greek Parliament K. Zavitzianou, the Bishops, Prefects and Mayors of the Ionian Islands.  

President of the first Panionian Conference was the Historian Spyridon Lambrou at the time Professor of the University of Athens.

The second Panionian Conference was held in the island of Ithaki from the 26th until the 28th of August 1938 under the initiation and organization of the Society of the Ionian Islands Studies.  World War I and the national adventures which followed didn’t allow its conduct.  The second Panionian Conference was associated with the discovery of the tomb of the poet Andreas Kalvos in England and the first attempts to the return his relics to his birthplace.  Due to World War II the proceedings of the above conference were published 30 years later.  

The third Panionian Conference took place 27 years later in 1965 due to World War II and in general the national adventures of the period 1939-1949 and due to the fact that there was no institution to organize such event.  The organization was implemented by the committee which was responsible for the centennial anniversary of the annexation of the Ionian Islands to the Greek State.  The above conference was cadging    

The conference started in Corfu , then in Cephalonia and terminated in Zakynthos.  The President of the above convention was the international and eminent Professor of Byzantine History of the University of Athens Dionysios A Zakinthinos.  The proceedings of the conference  were printed in two volumes.

The fourth Panionian Conference was organized in Corfu after 13 years in 1978 in Corfu with a big number of participants six of whom were foreigners once more under the presidency of the Premiment Dionysios A Zakynthinos.  The proceedings of the convention were published by the organizing Society of Corfu Studies whose president was Constadinos Dafnis.  The final assembly of the above convention gave unanimously the authority to the Society of the Cephalonian Historical Research to organize the fifth convention  with the presents of Gerasimos Penogalos (Vice President of the Society at that time) and George N Moschopoulos (Secretary General) who accepted the proposal.       

The prepositional national and cultural conditions let the Society of the Cephalonian Historical Research to advance the organization of the fifth conference in Cephalonia in a faster pace than the previous ones.  Thus after 8 years of the organization of the fourth convention the fifth one took place from May 17th until May 21st 1986 during the celebration of the annexation of the Ionian Islands.

After the fifth convention the 6th was organized in Zakynthos in September 1987 under the Center of the Ionian Studies and the Zakynthian Society of Studies the proceedings of which were published in four volumes.  

The 7th conference took place in the island of Lefkada in May 2002 under the organization of the Society of Lefakas Studies and its proceedings were published in two volumes the year 2004.  

The 8th International Panionian Conference took place in May 2006 in the island of Kythira . It was organized by the Cytherian Society of Studies and its proceedings were published in 6 volumes the year 2009.

The 9th Panionian Conference took place in the island of Paxos the year 2010 and it was organized by the Paxinian Society of Studies and its proceedings were published in 2 volumes the year 2014.  

The 10th International Panionian Conference took place in the island of Corfu from the 30th of April 2014 until the 4th of May 2014 and was organized by the Corfu Society of Studies.  

The 11th International Panioan Conference was organized in Cepahlonia from the 21st until the 25th of May 2018 and it was organized by the Cephalonian Historical Research Society.

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Translation: Panagiota Aktypi | Dionyssios Pothos | Claire Sifaki