1st Call of Interest to the Scientific Community

11-03-2023 17:36

Zakynthos, October 18th – October 21st 2023
Society of Zakynthian Cultural Research
Zakynthos, March 10th,2023
Reference number :19

The Society of Zakynthian Cultural Research ( S.Z.C.R. ) announces with pleasure the conduct of the Twelfth Panionian Conference following this important institution that constitutes the leading scientific organization in the Region of the Ionian Islands.

The Twelfth Panionian Conference is organized by the Society of  Zakynthian Cultural Research,  from October 18tth to 21st,  2023 with natural presence in Zakynthos. It is realized  five years after the IA’ Conference that took place in Cefalonia in May 2018, because of covid19 restrictions ( by way of derogation from the order of the institution that was determined in 1914 and which specifies its  realization every four years). The S.Z.C.R.  attempts to overpass the difficulties of shortness of time for organizing the Conference with the support of Technology.

Members of the Scientific Community are invited to submit participation either in the website of the Conference https://panioniosynedrio.gr/2023/en/ ( at the subscription field) or through the email of the Association: ezperzante@gmail.com until June 30th 2023. The statement of the title of the announcement  must be accompanied by a short summary and a short c.v. of 300 words each. The announcement should be an original document of eptanisian theme/character which constitutes a basic requirement according to the order of the institution. The scientific status as well as email, address, mobile and fixed telephones of contact must be declared.

The working languages of the Congress are Greek and English and the thematic sections are the following:

  1. Sciences
  2. History, Archaeology, Archives
  3. Performing and Visual, Plastic Arts ( Music, Theater, Cinema, Dance, Painting, sculpture)
  4. Economy, Sociology, Law
  5. Philology, Literature and

6.The Ionian Islands today( natural resources, environment and sustainable development)

The duration of each announcement will be determined  from the number of announcements to be submitted but it will not be more than 20’  in any case.

Each researcher is entitled  for one participation only and the most a second one  in collaboration.

With the hope of organizing  a Conference worthy to the institution

Hearty greetings
On behalf of  the Society of  Zakynthian Cultural Research

The President 
George Fiorentinos             

The Secretary
Dionysios Ladikos
Teacher of Primary Education




Translation: Panagiota Aktypi | Dionyssios Pothos | Claire Sifaki